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Background & Style

Balanced. Collaborative. Participatory. Interactive. Supportive. 


I am a licensed psychologist and past patients of mine have thanked me for not taking notes while they talk. I'd rather converse, reply and react than write furiously while you're opening up to me. Whether dealing with individuals, couples, families or teams on issues like grief, trauma, anger, addiction, relationships or anxiety, I always maintain an interative, engaging treatment style. 


It's important to truly find the root of a problem before we can solve it; to that end, I conduct sessions like conversations. Sometimes you want to vent, but at the end of the day, what does that accomplish? I want to collaborate with you to understand where issues come from. And then together we can move forward in a healthy, effective and productive way.


Therapy is an active intellectual and emotional discovery process, and it takes both of us to participate. Starting therapy tends to carry a stigma of weakness. But as long as we collaborate, it doesn't have to. I can help you face the therapeutic process as we begin and end it together.



I was born and raised in Chicago, always avidly interested in math, science, and philosophy yet also drawn to more conceptual interests. This combination of analytics and emotion eventually led me to find my calling as a psychologist. Over the past twenty years, I have worked in many aspects of the mental health field, treating a range of clinical issues, most notably grief, addiction, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

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